F.A.Q.s Frequently Asked Questions


Q1 : What is DXLIVE?
DXLIVE is a chat site which distributes "live streaming".
Many beautiful girls are waiting for you beyond the screen. Since the talk progresses in real time,there may be surprising, unexpected happenings or a delightful present from girls, etc.Girls are categorized by several genres. Please try to make them happy while you are chatting.
Q3 : Is this site just for Adult users?
Yes. This site contains a lot of nudity. You can use this site only if you are over 18 years of age, or if you are regarded as an adult in the area of your home. Each girls have own charming points. So, please be respectful of the performers and enjoy your time with them.
Q4 : Do I have to buy a membership?
No you don't, but you do need to purchase points before you start chatting with the girls.
In any case, you don't need to worry about a monthly payment or using too much money.
We are prepared for your budget plans. We have developed several point packages to fit your needs. And the more points you purchase, the more bonuses you'll receive.
Q5 : How do I use this site?
Please refer to the First Time page
Q6 : Is there private 1 on 1 chat available?
Yes. >>> 2.2 points per minute. >>> [ How to use the Video Chat ]
Q7 : What is your privacy policy?
Your important information- such as credit card numbers, are encrypted with 128bit SSL,and can be input safely into our secure online server. Therefore, there is no leakage of your important informations.
Q8 : Are the perfoming girls truly chatting from their own homes?
Yes. Most of them are performing live chat sessions from their own homes.
The condition of their PC systems, internet connections,and web cameras are variable, so please understand that there may be variance in the quality of movies or sounds.
Q9 : What do I do if there are problems?
Customer support center is operated by Allbright Information Services, Inc.


We provide support 7 days a week, we cater manual supervision and support of our entire system.
This is our Customer support policy and dedication to the service we provide.
Q10 : May I carry or advertise your contents in a magazine or web site?
It is possible only in the form of advertisement. In that case, we recommend that you join our Affiliate Program.
for more information about our Affiliate Program, please visit:


If you have any questions about putting our contents in a magazine or web site, please contact to:


Any property constructed, or being constructed by this site, such as a text, pictures, illustrations and paintings, movies, or any or all contents in streaming data,has been strictly protected by the copyrights held by Dx Live and the supplier of said contents.
Any reproduction, duplication, broadcasting, transmission of data, translation, resale and/or rental, is strictly prohibited.


Q1 : What is "Point"?
Talk or chat with a favorite girl for one minute a point.When the points run out, the connection is automatically terminated.
To avoid getting cut off from talking with your favorite girl, it is recommended that the enough points to be prepared beforehand.
* Point consumption per minute depends on the the option you choose.

Basic charge
Peeping mode1minute = 1.2point
Chat mode1minute = 1.2point

2SHOT private chat
(You can chat with a girl exclusively)
1minute = 1point
2WAY chat
(If you have a camera, you can show her yours!)
1minute = 1point
2SHOT private + 2WAY chat
(Combine both functions above)
1minute = 2point
Remote Toy Usage
(You can control a remote toy for her pleasure!)
1minute = 1point
Double Remote Toy Usage
(You can control TWO remote toys at the same time!)
1minute = 2point

Option(2) FUN 2 USE functions
Secret messages
(..secret message can be sent to the girl. )
1message = 1point
GIFT options 4 kinds
(The gift (tips) can be given to the girl. )
Teddy Bear = 3points
Flower = 5points
Gift = 10points
Heart = 15points
Q2 : How can I get Points?
You can purchase points in our Purchase Points Page. Our Point System is Pay-in-Advance by major credit cards. We accept VISA, MASTER CARD, JCB, and DINERS CLUB.
Shortly after the credit card transaction is completed, you can enjoy chatting with DX Girls.
Q3 : Are the Credit Card transactions secure?
We use VERISIGN's highly sophisticated SSL servers for your credit card transactions. We've also adopted DTI Services, a major electronic transaction company in the United States. With many years of security background, satisfactory results, and assured Japanese support systems, they will provide any kind of support care after any transaction that you might require.
Q4 : How many minutes do I get for each point?
You can talk for 1.2 minute per point. When you spend all the points you have, your chat session is automatically disconnected.
So, if you find a girl that you really like, you might want to get plenty of points to prevent that.
Q5 : What payment options do you offer?
We only accept on-line transactions by major credit card companies. It also does age authentication.
Q6 : What should I do if I forget my User Name and Password?
If you lose your password, please use the following password retrieval form:
Q7 : Is there any expiration date on the points I purchase?
Points will be expired if the member does not expend at least 0.1 point within 24 months.
Q8 : Are Points refundable?
No, once purchased, points are non-refundable.
Q9 : Where can I ask about payment problem or system inquiry?
Customer support center is operated by Allbright Information Services, Inc.

Address: 601 S.Figueroa St. Suite 3750 Los Angeles, CA 90017


Q1 : What kind of Hardware Requirements do I need?
To enjoy our live streaming, a broadband connection operating more than 5 Mbps is highly recommended.
The faster your connection speed, the better your streaming quality will be.
The connection speed at your end will be effected by bandwidth usage in your home and by conditions of your ISP.
Q2 : Can I use this service via LAN in my workplace?
If your company's LAN provides you a "Private IP Address", you can't. In that case, please provide an internet connection with a global IP address.
If you have additional questions about your internet connection, please ask to your local internet service provider.
Q3 : What kind of OS should work, and which browser is supported?
If you use Windows, we recommend to use version 8.1 or 10, and only support Microsoft Edge (87 or later version) or Google Chrome (87 or later version). If you use MacOS Mojave, please make sure if it's 10.14 or higher, and browsers supported for Mac are the latest version of Safari or Google Chrome (87 or later version).
Q4 : What should I set my browsers security level to?
Please turn ON Java-Scripts, and your browser security lever should be set to"Medium" level or lower.
Q5 : Sometimes I can't chat, without any issues on my connection.
Problems may occur, depending on your PC's resource management, and congestion of your connection.
If your system fulfills the requirements, and still has problems, please try any of following steps:

* Close any other applications for improvement of your PC management.
* Avoid peak-time useage of your local Internet connection.
* Provide a faster and more stable Internet connection.
* Close any other communication applications, such as MSN Messenger.
* If the video stream lags, or is interrupted and stopped, please re-enter the room.
Q6 : Can I talk to several girls simultaneously?
Yes. You can simultaneously talk to as many girls as your Internet connection and machine speed allows.
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